Wood-aluminum windows

Our more than sixty years of experience in the production of doors and windows, allows us to offer our customers designs of the highest quality with maximum efficiency.

We pay particular attention to robustness and reliability, elegance of form, the perfect integration of the item in the target environment.

All our productions must provide light, security, space, design as well as being energy efficient.

We achieve our goal by using the following materials:

- Thermally insulated aluminium

- Wood and aluminium


We choose the best suppliers who with dedication and passion, help us to produce doors and windows of high quality in a sophisticated Italian style which are valued all over the world.

The world's leading manufacturers of doors and windows display their premium products in our showroom located in Sicily, Italy. Our partners include:



With the products featured by our partners we offer an entire range of doors and windows to meet the needs of our customers, namely energy efficiency, safety, reliability, functionality in a modern bespoke style.

Our doors and windows make your home feel cosier adding elegance and comfort while reducing the expense of heating and ventilation, as well as outside noise inside the home.

What characterizes us at SANTORO is the professionalism and continuous search for innovative products, as well as the implementation of new technologies and the conservation of the environment by our products certified by PosaClima.

Doors and windows of wood and aluminium UNI_ONE

A system born from the union of the two materials in the production of doors and windows: wood and aluminium. Designed to fit any production need has ...

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