Doors and windows of wood and aluminium UNI_ONE

A system born from the union of the two materials in the production of doors and windows: wood and aluminium. Designed to fit any production need has two different types of processing: compact and automated.

A technology oriented to optimize the production process and the realization of a final product of very high quality.

A system designed to meet the aesthetic needs of even the most uncompromising consumer. Available in six different varieties and finished with the highest quality.

An example of this is the profile in Tecno-Oak Aged. The oak profiles are processed with an innovative splicing system (called finger-joint) which creates the characteristic effect of the parquet thanks to the gluing of several carefully selected sheets to each other. The aging treatment exposes the beauty of wood grain, and is applied to the techno-oak profiles to give the enclosure the effect of aged wood, very appropriate when you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

A completely energy-saving method even in the most complex architectural and environmental contexts.

In a word: UNI-ONE.

- Aluminium outer shell

- Technical and acoustic insulation

- Broad range

- Structural joining of wood and glass


uni-one la finestra contemporanea